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2 "at home" Hansen, Inga Mabel (I5140)
3 "Baby Barringer never named. No grave marker coulc be found." Barringer (I3010)
4 "beside his mother" Hubbard, Steven Julius (I4151)
5 "died 2 hours later" Skaaland, John Donald (I4842)
6 "died at birth" Hansen (I5113)
7 "died at birth" Hansen (I5114)
8 "near" Goodwin, Dessie Amerlia (I4498)
9 "near" Egleston, Fred Ben (I4499)
10 "near" Barringer, Grace Capitola (I4724)
11 "near" Barringer, Minnie Maude (I4725)
12 "near" Barringer, Clayton Faye (I4726)
13 "with Fuhrman Funeral Home in charge" Hansen, James (I5089)
14 (near Glenham) Clark, Annette (I3380)
15 Clara's clothes caught on fire from a bonfire. Barringer, Clara (I2817)
16 Curry has two dates for George Barringer's birth: 25 Nov 1842 on p. 9 and 25 Nov 1841 on p. 148. The birthplace is given as either Troy, New York or the Williamstown area. Barringer, George Riley (I2995)
17 Curry has two different years for Claude's death: 1967 on p. 85 and 1959 on p. 88. Hadley, Claude (I3387)
18 Curry p. 102:

Herman worked with mil companies testing milk until 1942. He then became a farmer and had a dairy herd of Jersey cattle. 
Martin, Herman Wyman (I3919)
19 Curry p. 106 gives birth date as 6 Oct 1866 which must be wrong if mother Lydia was born 1859. Perhaps it should be 1886. Boyce, Calista (I4033)
20 Curry p. 110:

Elias H. Hubbard took out the first claim in Excellsior at this beautiful location and was one of the first three of four settlers to reside on his claim. Many years later, their children referred to this home that was the birthplace of all but his oldest child. 
Hubbard, Elias Haskett (I4139)
21 Curry p. 111:

He was a strong minded individual who earned a reputation for his honesty and leadership. His nephew Julius H. Hubbard lived in his household when he left to enlist in the Civil War and became the first man to die from Sauk County.
Elias H. Hubbard desceneded from a long line of Yankee settlers who can be traced back to Edward III of England through the D'Arcys. 
Hubbard, Elias Haskett (I4139)
22 Curry p. 111:

Only one story remains from Catherine's life in Sauk County. It concerns the time when Elias had to call her out to hold the ox while he killed it because the hired man fainted. 
Family: Hubbard, Elias Haskett / Barringer, Catherine Samantha (F1442)
23 Curry p. 112:

Ross Clement Curry lived over 85 years on the farm in Lyndon Township, believed to be the longest anyone lived in onehouse in the town. 
Curry, Ross Clement (I4158)
24 Curry p. 112:

Calista Evaline (Eva) Hubbard was born Feb. 22, 1853, the first known white child to be born in the Town of Excellsior, Sauk County. She never was further than 40 miles away from the place of her birth. When she was three years old she walked two miles to school crossing a creek on a log.

[At "Town of Lyndon, Juneau County" (Wisconsin)] She planted many apple trees, lilacs, roses and other shrubbery that were still living over 90 years later. She arose from her bed and prepared breakfast for her family on the day she died. 
Hubbard, Calista Evaline (I4148)
25 Curry p. 112: "They [Henry and Jennie] are buried in Salem, Oregon near Elias Haskett Hubbard, Belle and Rena but have not stone." Hubbard, Henry (I4147)
26 Curry p. 112: Henry and Jennie had no children. Family: Hubbard, Henry / Lick, Jennie (F1445)
27 Curry p. 114 gives 21 Jun 1855 as birth date. Hubbard, Mary Ellen (I4149)
28 Curry p. 116:

Leona Hood was national treasurer of teh Women's Relief Corp of the GAR and served three years at their Springfield, Ill. headquarters. 
McGriff, Leona Pearl (I4188)
29 Curry p. 116: Never married McGriff, Margaret Norrine (I4190)
30 Curry p. 116: No children Family: Thomas, Henry / Atwood, Zoe (F1470)
31 Curry p. 11: ''According to a family tradition he was peeling apples when he died, collapsing in a chair." Barringer, Henry (I2983)
32 Curry p. 122: Did not marry Hubbard, Everett (I4295)
33 Curry p. 125: "own a nursery and garden supply store" Family: Johnson, Curtis / Zena (F1538)
34 Curry p. 131: "possibly in Ontario County, New York" (Ontario Cty, New York, Unites States) Barringer, May Anne (I2993)
35 Curry p. 132:

In 1893 Clayton Guile visited in Ruthven, Iowa. He also visited in Wisconsin and is believed to have lived in the St. Paul, Minnesota area. 
Guile, Clayton (I4469)
36 Curry p. 132:

Mary Ann Guile with sisters Susan and Elizabeth visited Catharine Barringer Hubbard in Ruthven, iowa about a month before Catharine died. 
Barringer, Susan (I2988)
37 Curry p. 132:

Mary Ann Guile with sisters Susan and Elizabeth visited Catharine Barringer Hubbard in Ruthven, iowa about a month before Catharine died. 
Barringer, Catherine Samantha (I2992)
38 Curry p. 132:

Mary Ann Guile with sisters Susan and Elizabeth visited Catharine Barringer Hubbard in Ruthven, iowa about a month before Catharine died. 
Barringer, Elizabeth (I2994)
39 Curry p. 132:

Mary Ann Guile with sisters Susan and Elizabeth visited Catharine Barringer Hubbard in Ruthven, iowa about a month before Catharine died. 
Barringer, May Anne (I2993)
40 Curry p. 134:

Elizabeth lost the sight of one eye when she was alone and old. Some company came to se her that had not had dinner. She went to chop some wood to prepare food for them, when a splinter flew up and hit her in the eye. Elizabeth had a stroke and half of her face was paralyzed. A small and active person, at age 78 she took a trip to Minnesota to see son Walter. Her granddaughter Orrie Boswell and children went with her. 
Barringer, Elizabeth (I2994)
41 Curry p. 134:

They settled on a farm in Sauk County near Exceisior until 1876 when they removed to Adams County, Iowa by covered wagon. Elizabeth told of "carrying her workbasket on her lap, the basket handle down" on the trip from Wisconsin. The significance of this is unkown to this writer, but must habe been important to have been passed on to her children. 
Family: Goodwin, Jasper Newton / Barringer, Elizabeth (F1549)
42 Curry p. 134: "near the town of Naples" Barringer, Elizabeth (I2994)
43 Curry p. 135-136:

After Cora's death Dell stayed with Frank, Elsie went to live with grandmother Elizabeth, Lloyd and George lived with Aunt Eva Maude Cole. 
Family: Goodwin, Francis McClelland / Shaw, Cora (F1551)
44 Curry p. 135:

Jasper left home at 13 and worked on a ariver boat. When he was a young man he had a merry-go-round and race horses. Later in Iowa he owned quite a number of ox teeams and dug many of the canals in NOrther Iowa still being used for irrigation. 
Goodwin, Jasper Newton (I4472)
45 Curry p. 136:

Frank had diptheria when small. The doctor had given up on him, but Elizabeth took a little pair of sugar tongs and pulled a rope of mucas from his throat when he was choking and saved his life. These sugar tongs are still in the family. 
Goodwin, Francis McClelland (I4475)
46 Curry p. 136:

George witn to Montana an dbecame a cowboy, got into a gun fight with a rustler an dwas gunned down. 
Goodwin, George (I4486)
47 Curry p. 137:

Eva and George kept a rooming house at 402 8th St., Corning, Iowa for many years before their deaths. 
Family: Cole, George Emerson / Goodwin, Eva Maude (F1565)
48 Curry p. 137: "George traveled all over the U.S. mining gold and silver in the Rocky Mountains, and coal in Iowa." Cole, George Emerson (I4521)
49 Curry p. 138: "3 natural sons, 5 adopted children" Boswell, Kenneth Lloyd (I4527)
50 Curry p. 139: "at daughters home" Boswell, Lloyd Milton (I4525)

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